To celebrate their new project The Galvanizers, arts hub SWG3 invited Local Heroes to develop a dynamic and progressive design project at 100 Eastvale Place in Glasgow’s west end.

“Eccentric? Ephemeral? Rude? Emotional? What would the design objects of today look like if designers had the freedom to work with more radical approaches?”

This is the question posed by design curator and founder of Local Heroes, Stacey Hunter. Galvanize! is a Local Heroes project creating an opportunity for designers to consider The Galvanizer’s outdoor space in the context of shelter, shade and seating with a vision that is exuberant and captivating.

Local Heroes have commissioned design duo SLAPS (Giulia Fiorista and Ed White) to respond to designing for open spaces in the Scottish climate with exciting, unique and expressive propositions. The Glasgow-Rella and Calm-Tree will be unveiled on June 30th at the launch of Hypermarket.

SLAPS are a young experience design studio based in Glasgow who specialise in the physical realm of product and service design and focus on how a service or experience feels for the people who interact with it.

“In Spring 2017 Local Heroes and SWG3 commissioned our dream project – a challenge to the norms we had been used to in our industry and a challenge to us.”

The brief is wide-open: in a large outdoor events space, design unknown objects that can also be used as furniture.

“We were finally able to use our instincts with no guidelines, sketches or pre-conceived ideas and we were encouraged to take responsibility and to think ambitiously about all aspects of the project from the materials we used, to the functions of the final product.”

The designs have been produced by Glasgow’s newest fabrication workshop Alien & Daughters.


With Local Heroes, Stacey Hunter joins Turner Prize winning sculptor Martin Boyce and art curator Patricia Fleming who have all been invited by SWG3 to catalyse The Galvanizers extending the arts venue’s exhibition and events programme. Generously funded by Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise, the first exhibit from Local Heroes will coincide with Hypermarket – a series of design and food themed events throughout the summer of 2017.

Making space for radical design

The starting point for ‘Galvanize!’ is an essay by Paul Goldberger (Design Research, 2010) proposing that the dream of modern design made available to everyone has broadly come true — from Ikea to IPhones, never before have more people been able to enjoy modern design. The consequence of design moving to the centre however, is that space for creativity in design has been reduced — what was once radical is now commonplace. Local Heroes responds with Galvanize! offering the design team creative freedom and encourages an experimental approach that embraces the avant-garde, the unpredictable and the playful.

Local Heroes & SWG3

Local Heroes is a cultural project which works to promote Scottish design at home and internationally and SWG3’s expansion is an exciting test bed for presenting new ideas about the role of design in everyday life.

Located in Glasgow’s West End, SWG3 houses design studios, a gallery, club nights, and mini-festivals and is home to a community of over 120 creatives.

The SWG3 public programme is generously funded by Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.