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To celebrate their new project The Galvanizers, arts hub SWG3 invited Local Heroes to develop a dynamic and progressive design project at 100 Eastvale Place in Glasgow’s west end.

“Eccentric? Ephemeral? Rude? Emotional? What would the design objects of today look like if designers had the freedom to work with more radical approaches?”

This is the question posed by design curator and founder of Local Heroes, Stacey Hunter. Galvanize! is a Local Heroes project creating an opportunity for designers to consider The Galvanizer’s outdoor space in the context of shelter, shade and seating with a vision that is exuberant and captivating.

Local Heroes have commissioned design duo SLAPS (Giulia Fiorista and Ed White) to respond to designing for open spaces in the Scottish climate with exciting, unique and expressive propositions. The Glasgow-Rella and Calm-Tree will be unveiled on June 30th at the launch of Hypermarket.

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